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Welcome to our fitness community

Since the day we first shared our Streaming Colors™ color-coded journal concept with runners at the Walt Disney World Marathon Expo in January 2004, the big thing that has kept us inspired is hearing the creative ways our customers color in their journals to achieve their diverse fitness goals. 

We know you'd be inspired, too, to hear about other journalers, and at long last, we have a web platform and some web tools to support more feedback, interaction and perhaps even forums. 

We ask your continued patience as we become more familiar with these capabilities. In the meantime, please drop us an email and let us know what kind of community features would be most helpful to you.

Read on to learn all about the transition from StreamingColors.com and the additions to our new ColorCode Mode™ Journals product line.

New site. New name. New products!

We live in a time of hyper change, and when we see a tool that can help us organize the chaos and channel it towards improvement, we just have to grab on and go with it. In a colorful way, of course! Here’s how we changed things up for 2009.

New site. ColorCodeMode.com

For five years our streamingcolors.com web site served us pretty well. But the platforms and technology behind it were rather inflexible, and like, so 2003. In late 2008 we began building the completely new site you’re seeing here.

If you were inconvenienced in any way during our transition, we apologize. Our new store and website offer dynamic new capabilities and features we think you’re really going to like, along with exceptional security and reliability.

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New name. ColorCode Mode Journals

We're adding lots of new products and realized we needed an umbrella name that fits all of them. As sentimental as we are about the name Streaming Colors, it seems we're always explaining it to people with the words "color coded." So we decided to cut to the chase and call our entire line ColorCode Mode™ Journals. 

Why “Mode”? Anyone who’s used our journals knows that there’s a certain mindset, almost a state of being you get into when you start coloring in your healthy daily actions in one of our “healthy habit-forming journals.” When you’re in ColorCode Mode, you’re paying special attention to your health habits in order to improve them. It’s the exact opposite of leaving your fitness to chance. 

Coloring reminds, rewards and motivates you to practice a healthy action long enough for it to become a habit you hardly have to think about—part of your naturally healthy new mode of living.

For our loyal monthly calendar and weekly journal users who might be wondering if we’ll be keeping the Streaming Colors name—yes, of course! Now it’s part of our larger ColorCode Mode Journal line.

New Lean Mode, Color Code—Not Your Usual Food Diary

Our biggest news is that we've applied our unique color-coding system to create the innovative new Lean Mode, Color Code—Not Your Usual Food Diary, available in both print and eBook versions!

In summer, 2008, when we read about the 2008 Kaiser Permanente study that showed people could lose twice the weight by recording what they ate every day in a food diary, we wondered why more people weren’t making use of such an incredibly effective and inexpensive tool?

Maybe it’s because all that writing in a food diary—and going back to analyze what you wrote—seemed like too much drudgery? (As opposed to running off the extra 300-400 extra calories you just took in, or enduring the monotony of the latest bizarre fad diet, or limiting your food choices via pills with embarrassing side effects that only offer up to half again as much weight loss. Half again vs. twice as much weight loss. Hmmm.)

Mindful of the obesity epidemic weighing down our health care system, we found ourselves suddenly inspired to shake up the world of the humble, under-utilized food diary.

Our loyal customers had been asking us for a journal with more room to add in daily details, but we were never quite sure how we’d apply our color-coding and monthly goal-setting features to a daily journaling system.

Not to worry. Form followed function and we created our motivating (and fun!) PowerCircles™ and FoodDots™ to color in and connect, and a versatile goals and 4Week Bubble rewards system. And so much more!

Eureka, we thought. This turned out even better than we expected—definitely Not Your Usual Food Diary—so that’s what we named it!

One of our early product advisors, who has kept a food diary continuously for the past three years, gave us her picky expert assessment:

“WOW! I love it!”

Our first eBook. eGads! 

We’re very excited. To make our Lean Mode, Color Code—Not Your Usual Food Diary accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world with an internet connection and a credit card with a U.S. or Canada billing address, we created and are able to instantly deliver our new ebook version that you print out and bind yourself.

Besides being the most affordable version of our Lean Mode Food Diary, the eBook features a touch of added color (in non-critical areas) not found in our print version of Lean Mode. 

The abc's of our Lean Mode eBook will tell you where you’ll see that extra color.

There are optional scrap-booking pages you can print out on heavier paper stock and fill with your Lean Mode photos and memorabilia (sort of a nice touch for our hands-on, high-touch journalistas out there.)

The eBook is also a good way for Streaming Colors users to try out the Lean Mode format either as a food diary supplement to Streaming Colors or as an alternative format you might want to consider for your next year’s journal. 

You can purchase the eBook today from our online shop.

Thanks for visiting our site! Change is always in the air at ColorCodeMode.com. Don’t miss any of our news.

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