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2015 Streaming Colors™ Fitness Journal Monthly Calendar

Our flagship product is still a favorite with many of our long-time users! Unique "coloring calendar" design makes it easy to see the positive fitness actions you've taken for an entire month at a time, and what you need to improve. In a way it's our least "forgiving" journal. Simple yet powerful, it will hold you accountable - to you!   Buy now.

2015 Monthly Calendar

So what's the big idea behind the Streaming Colors Fitness Journal Monthly Calendar?

It’s a journal, in a full-color 10"x10" spiral-bound monthly calendar format, that you color in with your positive fitness actions each day—e.g., yellow for a walk, green for eating veggies, blue for drinking water, orange for a donut-free day, or red for lifting weights.

Fill in each daily module with as much or as little detail as you wish, according to your own eating or exercise program and monthly color key.

Beginners can keep it simple. Advanced exercisers and multi-sport athletes can track in more detail.

Color reminds, rewards, and motivates you to take the positive actions that lead to better fitness habits and a healthier lifestyle.

Seeing too many days in a row of empty white space motivates you to get back on track.

(Skip a week or two with this version of our journals, and you'll notice it!)

A quick glance at the month provides visual feedback on trends, on what goals you met, and what you still need to improve.

You can review and set new goals and a new color key each month, making the first of each month like the first of the year.




The background color changes each month to signal a fresh start.











 There's a full introductory section to help you get started.

For people who are new to it, we cover some of the very basics of exercising, including a pep talk about not being intimidated by very fit people. Even if you're a fitness "train wreck", just coloring in this journal without trying to change a thing will help you get an idea of where to start when you're ready. The secret is to just get started. Change will follow.

Of course, since our very first edition in 2004, the calendar has also been used by runners, marathoners, and elite multi-sport athletes who find it a great way to organize and track both their training and nutrition.

We also have a loyal following of video fitness enthusiasts, who like to add a little color to their video workout programs.

Each month there are separate fitness tips for beginners and advanced.

And to measure your overall improvement after a year of use, there's a place to rate your fitness habits before and after using the calendar, as well as your other vital health stats.

Now you can make—and KEEP—new fitness resolutions all year long for a full year of continuous improvement.

Looking back over your year filled with color and better fitness habits is so rewarding—you won't want to stop. That's why we call this the healthy habit-forming calendar.

It's a simple, but powerful concept. The first and only journal of its kind, this fun, highly motivating fitness tool is from the mother/daughter fitness team of Jennifer and Alexis Luhrs.   Buy now.

Buy now.

Still want to see more? Here's the back cover of the calendar.



Buy now.