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"I adore this calendar. It provides me with ongoing visual feedback..."

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We get raves!

Over the years the thing that has kept us going is the positive feedback we've received from so many amazing people from all over. A big thanks to all of you!!!

“I think this is the best idea ever! It totally works on my guilty conscience! When I look at my calendar and see the empty white day, it makes me want to do some activity, just so I can fill that day in. Thanks for a wonderful idea!"

—Christy N., Sammamish, WA


"I have lost 67 pounds this year due to the planner. This planner is the only thing that has worked for me so I plan to continue using one even after I reach my goal weight.  My 14-year-old daughter checks it daily to keep me focused and on track.  I love that every month I can set new goals and rewards for myself. Due to the success that I've had, my best friend and my daughter will be using one next year also."

—Yashika H., Buffalo, N.Y.

"I wanted to congratulate you on coming up with such an inspiring and useful product! I'm thrilled with what I have."

—Janee T., Texas

"I have been using your calendars for several years and love them! I've kept all of my calendars since 2006, and they have helped me immensely to visualize what I have done, and what I need to do before/during/after each of my pregnancies. I have a trainer 2-3x per week and work out on my own a couple of times a week. My goal is 5 days a week, but that is really tough to do. Seeing it all laid out month by month though...with my goals written in the margin at the end of each week (usually a weight target) keeps me motivated. I can see the progress and how it is tied to my activity level. I will be ordering 2 calendars this time, one for a good friend of mine who has just recently gotten back into fitness - I know she'll find this helpful too!

—Janice S., British Columbia, Canada


"Hi! I have been a Streaming Colors calendar user for the past 2 years, and attribute all of my lost 40 lbs to coloring! I started using the journal to lose the pounds I'd gained in college and then got engaged, and was glad to have a tool to keep me motivated to get in shape for my wedding and beach honeymoon."

—Chrissy G., Lubbock, TX


"As a past Streaming Colors Fitness Calendar user, I was really excited to see your new Lean Mode diet diary. I had been keeping a diet diary per my doctor's instructions for a while, but I wanted a way to keep track of everything else -- Exercise, water, medication, moods, motivation... Then I got your email announcing the new Lean Mode diary and it's like you had read my mind.  I downloaded the diary and began using it right away. In the first 30 days of using the Lean Mode, Color Code diary I lost another 15 pounds.  It very easily became a habit and I'm pleased to be right back on track with slow but steady progress."

—Micheal W., Beverly Hills, CA


“I love my fitness calendar, and over the last two years I’ve lost 26 pounds using it daily. The calendars have been an annual gift for myself and two of my workout friends.”

—Tamara S., Denver, CO


“I can’t begin to tell you how much I love my Streaming Colors calendar! As a busy graduate student, it’s really easy to fall into unhealthy habits. However, as a diabetic, good health is something I have to constantly work on. This calendar has been a life saver (literally!) because it allows me to track my workouts and health goals in an inventive way. I didn’t realize how much fun I would have seeing each month come alive with different colors. The best part is that it’s taught me that trying to develop good habits also deserves a good reward. I always look forward to my end-of-month treat to myself. I can’t wait to see what 2007 is going to look like!”

—Joanne R., Hayward, CA 


“As corny as this may sound, I can’t imagine my life without my calendar. My friend and I joke around about the fact that we would never think of having a “white day.” It is a wonderful motivator!”       

—Susie N., Evergreen, CO 


When you are overweight, you feel out of control and ashamed.  I started my first journal with a lot of goals but was only able to commit to doing one.  I gave up drinking soda.  I went for three months with only one color on my journal.  When I reflected on what I had accomplished for three months straight, I realized that I had taken control.  It empowered me to try another goal and then another.  I am 60 pounds lighter now thanks to your journal.  Thank you.”

Jan H., Chicago


“I adore this calendar. It provides me with ongoing visual feedback. When, in the past, I might have blown off a workout (too tired, too busy to fill in the blank with the excuse of the day)…now, the thought of an unplanned blank spot on my calendar provides me with the motivation to swing up off the couch and do that workout! Thank you so much for creating this marvelous fitness tool!

—I. R., Winston-Salem, NC


“This is a fabulous concept. The colors are somehow motivating, both in the calendar itself and on your Web site. This has enabled me to track — and feel good about — individual behaviors that are part of my Weight Watchers program. It’s working!”

—Richard G., Hinsdale, IL


“Wow! What a great idea. So many journals ask for too much or don’t really give any incentive. You have done what I have been asking my clients to do for years. Take a simple calendar and make an appointment with yourself and then just add the little things you do and the rewards you receive. Thank you very much, I am so glad I found this calendar.”

—Suzie G., Moorpark, CA


“Thank you! I look forward to using it as I am just getting over foot surgery and will be doing water aerobics & physical therapy!”

––Janice C., TX


“I received my fitness calendar today. I love it! I’ve already begun color coding the month of January. This is exactly the tool I need to combine my workouts (The Firm), eating plan (Weight Watchers) and those little healthy extras (taking vitamins and supplements.) I am so happy with my calendar. I hope you publish more for 2006 and beyond! Thank you!”

-–Nikki J., Charlotte, NC


“I just love your calendars … such a great idea. They’re really liked a lot for the diabetes class I do.” 

-–Lynnae C., West Fargo, ND 

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