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The handy spiral-bound or eBook versions of our journals are available only in our ColorCodeMode.com shop.

Buy NON-spiral versions of our weekly planner or food diary in bookstores or through leading online booksellers.

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Streaming Colors Fitness Journal Weekly Planner

Lean Mode, Color Code—Not Your Usual Food Diary


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where to buy

Suddenly we're everywhere.
Buy our NON-spiral, paperback-bound journals in stores across the US, Canada, UK, EU, Australia and other overseas locations.

Just walk into your local bookstore and ask for our journals

Chances are, your local bookstore is supplied by our distributor, Ingram Book, the largest distributor in the world of U.S.-published books, or one of Ingram's major distributors in our international distributors listing below.

You should be able to go into your favorite bookstore and ask for either our Streaming Colors Fitness Journal WEEKLY PLANNER or the Lean Mode, Color Code—Not Your Usual Food Diary. If they don't have it in stock, it's listed in the Ingram electronic catalog (books printed by Lightning Source), and they'll be able to get it for you in a matter of days, plus save you the costs of online shipping.

In Australia, Ingram supplies books to these booksellers:
·   Dymocks
·   Collins
·   A&R

Purchase online from the major internet booksellers
You can also buy our above-mentioned NON-spiral bound journals from the major online booksellers, including:

- Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca
- Barnes & Noble (www.bn.com)

When buying from some of the major online booksellers, keep in mind that our journals will usually qualify for their free shipping offers. We're sorry that we can't match those offers, but we have nowhere near the high shipping volumes that allow them to negotiate lower rates. 

There may be delays in our journals appearing in all Ingrams catalogs worldwide, in which case you may have to prompt your bookseller to request it for you.

Which journals exactly are available through booksellers?
Note that this widespread availability through booksellers is just for certain journals—the annual Streaming Colors Fitness Journal WEEKLY PLANNER and the Lean Mode, Color Code—Not Your Usual Food Diary (undated.)

The larger MONTHLY CALENDAR version of the Streaming Colors Fitness Journal will continue to be available ONLY AT our ColorCodeMode.com site.

And it's only the NON-spiral PAPERBACK-BOUND versions of our Streaming Colors WEEKLY PLANNER and Lean Mode FOOD DIARY that are available in stores. Some people prefer paperback to spiral-bound, just as they do with the generic lined notebooks kids buy for school. We don't know why the preference. We're just happy to have multiple channels at this time to make both versions available to our avid journalistas, one way or the other.

While you're at your local bookstore, you might want to suggest to them that they keep a few of our journals in stock. Once friends, family and co-workers see yours, it's not unusual for them to want one, too. And ColorCode Mode journals make great gifts for the fitness enthusiasts in your life.

Want your Lean Mode Food Diary even faster? This may be the most FUN way to buy it — printed while-u-watch, in an Espresso Book Machine!
Now you can go to your local bookstore in say, Cairo, Egypt, and watch your bookstore-quality version of our Lean Mode Food Diary printed and paperback bound on the spot, in about 6 minutes, by the amazing Espresso Book Machine (EBM).

With their interior robotics and clear outside panels, Espresso Book Machines in action are a sight to see! Now you can support your local bookstores as EBM's give them the ability to compete with the big online booksellers for availability, while handily beating their delivery speed to you (plus no shipping charges!)
Note that at this time, only the Lean Mode, Color Code -- Not Your Usual Food Diary is available through EBM, and it is the NON-spiral bound version.
EBM's are spreading rapidly, so check back regularly for an up-to-date listing.
Espresso Book Machine locations around the world (that we know of) include:

The University of Alberta Bookstore 
Espresso Books
9012 Hub Mall
Edmonton, Alberta

Internet Archive
116 Sheridan Avenue
The Presidio of San Francisco
San Francisco, California 

Bibliotheca Alexandrina
P.O. Box 138
El Shatby, Alexandria 

New Orleans Public Library
219 Loyola Ave
New Orleans, Lousiana 

Angus & Robertson Bookstore
360 Bourke Street

University of Michigan Library
Ann Arbor Campus
818 Hatcher South
Ann Arbor, Michigan 

Northshire Bookstore
4869 Main Street
Manchester Center, Vermont

NewsStand UK
88 to 84 London Business Park 
Roding Road
London, UK

McMaster Innovation Press / Titles On Demand
McMaster University Bookstore
Hamilton, Ontario

McGill University Library
McLennan Library Building 
3459 McTavish Street
Montreal, Quebec

University of Waterloo Bookstore
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, Ontario 

Blackwell Bookshop
100 Charing Cross Road
London, UK

Brigham Young University Bookstore (coming summer 2009)
Wilkinson Student Center, University Hill
Provo, Utah 

University of Melbourne Library (coming summer 2009)
Victoria 3010
University of Arizona Bookstore (coming summer 2009)
1209 E. University Blvd.
Tucson, AZ
University of Missouri Bookstore (coming summer 2009)
Hitt and Rollins,
Columbia, MO 

Buy spiral-bound journals only at ColorCodeMode.com
As always, we continue to sell the spiral-bound versions of all of our journals exclusively in our online shop at ColorCodeMode.com. They are identical to the paperback-bound versions, but with a sturdy white Wire-O binding that allows the open journal to lay flat, or flipped all the way back so that the page you're on is on the top. Some people prefer this handy feature, and we're happy to accommodate you at our site.

We also sell Zazzle Brights Highlighters on our site, and have several highlighter/journal offers that can save you money, along with our popular BuddyUp and Save offers.

For several years we have been able to process credit cards for our valued Canadian customers and are able to ship there at reasonable rates. However, there are Customs procedures which may delay shipments, so please be sure to allow plenty of shipping time, especially around the holidays.

Instant Online Access to our eBook
And of course, you can have instant online access to our Lean Mode Food Diary eBook, anywhere you have an internet connection and a credit card with a U.S. or Canadian mailing address. International access has been limited by security procedures our credit card processing system requires to handle foreign transactions. But we're working on that.
Still stretching our wings
All in all, it's pretty exciting to have our journals available in so many more locations, available to so many more people who want to color their way to better fitness and health. We applaud you as you take on the world's health challenges, one person at a time, one day at a time, one small step at a time.

It has always been our goal to "spread the health." We're hoping that the success of the paperback journals will pave the way for our spiral-bound versions to someday be picked up by a distributor or major bookseller for their calendar section, so you can walk into a store and conveniently buy them, too.

We're glad to be just about everywhere, but to be honest, we also really like getting to know our customers who buy through ColorCodeMode.com, many of whom have been loyal to us since our first journal in 2004! We love to hear from you about how the journal is working for you. And of course, your reviews on amazon.com help us out tremendously and also help others learn about this powerful new fitness tool.

We're excited to continue hearing from our fitness friends and to build our journaling community even further. In fact, if you do buy one of our journals in a store, we hope you'll sign up for Streamail Updates and a $2 OFF coupon at ColorCodeMode.com. And be sure to join our twitter community, as we Twitter To Get Fitter.

For retailers and libraries: International distributors—across the US, Canada, UK, EU, and Australia 
Getting distribution is always one of the biggest initial challenges for small independent publishers like us. Until now, distributors have chosen not to stock our spiral-bound journals because without a printed spine it was hard for stores to shelve them.

But that left a whole lotta bookstores and non-internet buyers without exposure or easy access to our lifestyle-changing journals. And it has meant we had to disappoint interested buyers from overseas and as far away as Australia due to prohibitively high shipping charges.

Then one day we changed our business model to electronic POD (Print-on-Demand), and in the bargain got distribution for a paperback version of our journals through Ingram Books, the world's largest wholesale distributor of U.S.-published books.
Our sales through Ingram are growing fast! It's a little disconcerting to have no idea where exactly in the world our journals are being sold (we've always been in such close touch with our customers) but we're very glad that somewhere in this big wide world someone is opening up one of our journals and coloring their way to better fitness and health. 

The NON-spiral bound versions of our journals may be obtained through these distributors or large booksellers, in the US, UK, Canada, EU, Australia and other overseas locations:

·   Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca
·   Baker & Taylor
·   Barnes & Noble
·   Bertram's - major trade wholesaler in the UK (servicing over 1,000 booksellers) with links to major traders in       Western Europe.
·   Blackwell Book Services - international library supplier
·   www.chapters-indigo.ca Canada
·   Coutts - library supplier and retailer
·   Cypher Library Supplier - a leading supplier to UK public libraries
·   Dawson Library Supplier - supplier to academic, institutional and specialist libraries in the UK and mainland           Europe.
·   Gardner's - major trade wholesaler, servicing the major UK book chains and internet shops as well as                European booksellers.
·   Holt Jackson - a leading library supplier
·   Ingram Book Company & Spring Arbor Distributors, Ingram International (Chapters-indigo.ca)
·   Nielsen BookData - the UK's main bibliographic company
·   Paperbackshop.co.uk - a major e-retailer and Marketplace trader on Amazon
·   The Book Depository - a major e-retailer and marketplace trader on Amazon

In Australia, Ingram supplies books to these booksellers:
·   Dymocks
·   Collins
·   A&R


If you are a retailer interested in carrying the SPIRAL-bound versions of our journals, please see our quantity pricing and custom publishing page. ColorCodeMode journalistas are great and loyal customers! Thank you for inquiring!