Twitter to get fitter

We'll try to tweet often, so be sure to follow us. And we'll follow you as well when you answer one simple question: What are you doing to get fit today?

Or if you're already a ColorCodeMode journalista: What are you coloring in your journal today? (See, we told you we're always looking for ways to make fitness more fun.)

Make some twitter fitness friends! Build your own following and get the instant recognition and support that can help you succeed. Twitter is the community-building tool we always dreamed of!

Welcome to our twitter fitness community 

We're Jen and Alexis Luhrs, the mom/daughter creative team behind ColorCode Mode fitness journals. In addition to coloring in our journals, we Twitter to get fitter—and we hope you'll join in! We think Twitter fills the bill as a quick, fun place to share with the world the small daily victories that pave the way to better fitness habits. Every little bit of recognition and positive support you get can help you succeed!

Twitter to get fitter

Now everyone can share their creativity, fitness tips and successes with an entire Twitterverse as we encourage people everywhere to Twitter to get fitter! 

Answer one simple question

Just answer ColorCode Mode's variation on Twitter's one simple question: What are you get fit today? 

A little public Twitter recognition can be a great tool to help keep you stay motivated, especially if you're not yet seeing physical results or are at a weight loss plateau. You might get a nice tweet on the back for today's small successes. Or kudos for reaching an important milestone. 

Color and tweet.

ColorCode Mode journalistas know that coloring in your journal is personally rewarding, and that those small, instant rewards are important in helping you stay on track each and every day toward your long-term goals. 

But journaling can be a bit solitary, too, and sometimes, you just want to TELL someone what you did! Maybe it's an exciting milestone, or overcoming a difficult challenge-- like resisting that late-afternoon visit to the vending machine.

A little public recognition can be healthy. In fact, we humans thrive on it, or we wouldn't have invented the Oscars, the Pulitzer, and the Nobel Peace Prize.

Of course, Twitter has the attention span of a sparrow, so it won't replace the permanent, colorful masterpiece you're creating over time with your journal. But it's the perfect platform for coming out of your shell and tweeting your own horn a bit. 

Birds of a feather, flock together

Or at least, they Tweet to help show each other the way.

ColorCode Mode journalistas might want to answer more specifically: What are you coloring into your journal today?

We want the deets (that's short for details) including colors, stats, your peeps, what you wore on your feets, etc. 

Did you take the stairs? Or bike through the streets? 

Did you come in at the back, or win your last meet? 

Did you turn down a sweet roll? Find a healthy new treat? 

Enjoy that fitness event? Did you see a VIP? 

Were you inspired by someone struggling to get fit? Did you do something clumsy and feel like a twit? 

Did you find a new trail? A great place to swim? 

Did you dread today's workout? Or go out on a whim? 

Did you connect all your FoodDots? Try out some new sports sox? Pry open that new fitness DVD box? 

Which of your monthly goals did you meet? Whenever, wherever, whatever—DO tweet! 

We want people who flock to Twitter, to get the message: the world's getting fitter! 

So wherever you go, tweet what you see. The Pyramids of Giza? A boulangerie?

The Great Wall of China? The great Zuiderzee? 

Your color commentary could sway some fence-sitters, to get in the game, and journal, then Twitter! 

Share what you know. Knowledge is wealth. Join our world mission: To spread the health!

(Talk about a rhymin' Simon. Was just practicing staying within 140 characters and there's something about rhyme that makes it easier to be brief.)

The Not-So-Secret ColorCode Mode Secret Tweeting Code

To help you stay within your 140 character limit, we're creating a ColorCode Mode Secret Tweeting Code. Here's what we have so far:

LM = Lean Mode Food Diary 

FD = FoodDots 

PC = PowerCircles 

CD= consecutive days of journaling, e.g. CD48, CD49

SCWP = Streaming Colors Fitness Journal Weekly Planner

SCMC = Streaming Colors Fitness Journal Monthly Calendar

DM = Daily Modules

CCM = ColorCode Mode

SC04 means you've been using Streaming Colors since our charter edition in 2004!

SC05, 06, 07, and so on, tells when you first started journaling. Same goes for LM09, LM10...

Watch our tweets for special promos, contests and offers. 

To do that, you'll want to follow us on Twitter. It'll be fun! We have lots of ideas, and are just getting started. 

We'll still communicate the details of our offers and much of our news through our Streamail Updates, so be sure to sign up for it and get a $2 OFF coupon you can redeem in our online shop. 

Let us know your thoughts and ideas.

Tweet often. Tweet from your phone. Tweet on the run!

Tweet about what you see on your run! One of the reasons we like Twitter so much is that it doesn't require you to log back into your computer and get sucked into way too much time spent sitting.

Let us know about your smallest victories, your proudest milestones. But be sure to color it in your journal, to stay on track, and not get too distracted. These virtual tweets are short and sweet and fleeting. But that colorful Picasso you're creating in your journal has lasting meaning!