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A year in ColorCode Mode

January - It’s the New Year! I’m all fired up about my New Year’s fitness resolutions. And with the motivation I’ll get from coloring in my positive fitness actions each day in my Streaming Colors™ Fitness Journal, this is the year I’ll finally stick to them! Plus, I’m such a visual person—coloring is a fun way to keep track.

February - All my friends have ditched their New Year’s resolutions, but I’m still going strong on mine. My Streaming Colors Fitness Journal encourages me to write down a reward for meeting my monthly goals. I’m enjoying my latest reward—that hot new dress I’ve had my eye on. But is there any better reward than having your Valentine tell you how great you look?! 

March - What a dreary month…for most people. I’m seeing so much color on my Streaming Colors Fitness Journal, I just know my consistency will pay off and I’ll be buff in time for spring break. Swimsuit season—you don’t scare me!      

April - Tax time. Ugh. So I got a little busy and a little off track. But looking at those empty white days in my journal reminds me it’s time to do something good for myself again. And looking back over all that color from the past few months makes me confident I can get right back on track. IRS or no IRS.

May - May I remind you that I am still sticking to my New Year’s resolutions? In fact, every month when I customize the color key on my Streaming Colors Fitness Journal, my new goals are way ahead of what I ever thought I’d be doing. 

June - Ahhh. Weddings. Graduations. Reunions. Let the compliments roll in. I look and feel great! As busy as my work and social calendars get, I can see how important it is to have a journal devoted solely to my health—to give it the attention it deserves. 

July - On the 4th I declared my independence from sugar--and pledged allegiance to more fruits and vegetables in my diet. It's easy because they're in season. I color a spot in my Streaming Colors Fitness Journal yellow for a sugar free day, red for eating fruits and green for vegetables. Already I'm craving some fresh raspberries. What an easy way to establish better eating habits! 

August - It’s hot, and it’s important I stay hydrated. I’m tracking my water intake on my Streaming Colors Fitness Journal by coloring in that little row of circles in blue. Oh, and I cooled off with a good swim. Cross training! Time to add a new color to my journal. What a colorful person I’ve become.

September - Cooler weather. Fall colors. Long hikes, and the stamina to do them. I’ve learned a lot about how to get fit from the Streaming Colors Fitness Journal. And I did it all at my own pace.

October - Trick or treat. Candy I won’t eat! I’ll celebrate that positive choice by coloring it in on my Streaming Colors Fitness Journal. Orange would be nice.

November - I’m thankful that I won’t be piling on the pounds this holiday season because my Streaming Colors Fitness Journal will help me stay on track with my exercise and eating—even allowing for an occasional treat. 

December - What a great year it’s been! Look at all that color in my journal, and the improvements I’ve made in my fitness habits and lifestyle! For all the people who’ve been asking me how I did it—guess what your holiday gift will be. A Streaming Colors Fitness Journal so that next year, you can stick to your New Years resolutions, just like me! I welcome the competition!