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Quantity pricing & custom publishing 


ColorCode Mode journal users are loyal repeat customers! The paperback bound versions of our journals may be ordered through Ingram. For full details, see our page on where to buy.

For quantity discounts on the spiral-bound versions of our journals, contact us directly at sales@shop.colorcodemode.com. The spiral-bound versions of our journals are available only from Luhrs Media Co.

Custom publishing

It's easier than you may think to have your branding added to any of the ColorCode Mode journals, and there are many reasons you would want to. In high quantities, we will pass along our lower printing costs to you, so that your costs may actually be lower than the published discounts for our regular journals.

For groups and organizations

ColorCode Mode journals make a unique, health-promoting fund-raising item that you can repeat every year! In higher quantities, you may also be able to add some content of your own to our inside pages.

For employers

ColorCode Mode journals are a low cost way to help your employees lower their health risks and improve their fitness and vitality. Empower your employees to take charge of their health habits and create a culture of health in your workplace.

For fitness equipment dealers

ColorCode Mode journals will help motivate your customers to stick to their programs, making fuller use of the equipment you sell them and helping you overcome the #1 buying objection of "will I use this equipment or will it just collect dust?" Our journals make an excellent add-on sale or gift with purchase that your customers will use every day and be reminded of your business in a positive way.   

For fitness trainers and health professionals

This is the training log people actually like to use! Now you can turn what used to be a chore into a fun, rewarding activity—with powerful benefits for both your clients and you. 

With ColorCode Mode journals, clients color in their positive fitness actions each day. There's still plenty of room to write in the details, but color is what makes these journals really stand out as a fitness training tool.

For your clients:

*Color is a fun, immediate reward for the effort of the workout, and is easier than writing everything down.

*As the color adds up, clients feel more accomplished, even if their bodies are not yet showing the results, and they are encouraged to stick with the program.

*A lack of color is a powerful motivator and reminds them they need to do more.

*Looking back over time at all the color reinforces their belief in their ability to make positive changes.

*As the client changes and improves, the journal can be easily adapted for the next level of fitness.

*The client has more success (and associates their successful outcomes with the program and training you have given them.)

Benefits for you:

*Color makes it easy for you to see at a glance what they've been doing. You're not dependent on illegible, complicated or incomplete journal entries.

*Color and the journal format make it easy for you to spot trends, show them to the client and discuss and recommend changes.

*The journal design is highly adaptable to whatever plan or program you are providing. (The basic content of the Streaming Colors Fitness Journal was reviewed by Dr. Wes Alles, Director of the Health Improvement Program at Stanford University.)

*The journal holds clients accountable for multiple fitness habits when they're away from the gym or your program, increasing the likelihood of overall success that they will associate with you.

*The beginning of each month offers the opportunity to assess progress, evaluate goals and rewards, modify their program and touch base in general.

*At the end of the year you can give your client a colorful record of all they’ve done, and then get them started on next year's journal. (Why not have your name imprinted on it so they see it every day, all year long?)

*ColorCode Mode journals are a great way to get new clients off to a colorful and rewarding start, or to give your existing clients something new and exciting to work with!

Contact us about custom covers (or full customization) for fitness trainers and health professionals. Inquire with us at sales@shop.colorcodemode.com.