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$5 Student Discount on Lean Mode Food Diary eBook (reg. $14, now $9)

Ahh, school days.
Teachers piling on homework.
Students piling on the carbs and too many calories—from cafeteria and fast food, sugary beverages and vending machine treats. Then sitting all day in class.

How does a busy, distracted student avoid flunking out on personal fitness?

By taking some pages from our book—the eBook version of our Lean Mode, Color Code—Not Your Usual Food Diary, back to school.

Pop a week or month's worth of our food diary pages into your notebook and go. No extra book to carry around and be weighed down.

Jot down what you eat and drink (keep it brief) and if you consider that food or beverage item to be healthy, color in the FoodDot next to it. Easy peasy. Kind of fun.

Not seeing a lot of colored-in dots at the end of the day? Hmmmm. Wonder what happened there?

Meh. Try to do better tomorrow. And not just to make mom and dad happy. They're not going to follow you around for the rest of your life. But any crummy eating or exercise habits you're building now, could follow you long after you leave those hallowed halls.

Already pretty fit and looking to fine-tune your sports nutrition and training?

Study the Lean Mode system a little more closely, and you'll see it has impressive capabilities to help you set and track both exercise and nutrition goals, and stay motivated. You can up your game and perform your best, using color-coding and your Lean Mode Food Diary.

$5 Student Discount on Lean Mode Food Diary eBook (reg. $14, now $9)

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