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Lean Mode for Lean Times—10 Reasons It's Just What You Need Now


With all the talk about belt tightening, you might think a lot of us are going to automatically shed pounds as well as dollars during these tough economic times. But we all know that’s probably not the case. 

Financial stress can cause us to eat emotionally and indulge in cheap, fattening foods. And since stress contributes to fat-promoting cortisols, a meltdown in the markets is unlikely to help melt away our belly fat. When it comes to exercise, well, there’s a great temptation to just curl up on the couch and zone out on TV until this whole financial nightmare passes. 

Yet change is upon us, for better or worse, and how you respond can actually make it change for the better, in some ways. With everything in flux, now is the perfect time to switch yourself into Lean Mode, with the Lean Mode, Color Code—Not Your Usual Food Diary, and here are 10 reasons why.

1. Cut back on your expensive, crummy fast food or latte habits and pocket the extra money.  Lean Mode can help you set goals to track and cut back on (or cut out) those seemingly innocuous treats that add up to big bucks and extra pounds.  Color in a latte-free day, a cupcake-free day, or a french-fry-free day for example, and use the extra money for the healthy non-food reward you set for yourself at the end of each Lean Mode 4Week Bubble.

2. DIY. There’s going to be a lot of Doing-It-Yourself in this economy. Can’t afford your personal trainer or gym membership for a while? You can still bail out your fitness program for around $3 a month—a wise investment in your fitness and future health. Lean Mode (and all the ColorCode Mode™ Journals) makes it easy and fun for you to self-direct a fitness effort that’s as good as or better than relying on outside forces because 1) it’s every day, and 2) aiming to add at least some color every day helps cultivate your long-sought-after self-motivation and self-control functions, and 3) it’s based on you reporting to you, so if you lie about that hot-fudge sundae after your workout, well that’s just sad and even we can’t help you.

3. There’s a bright side to not being able to afford to go out to eat as often, and it’s coloring in your Lean Mode Food Diary to show you met your calorie, fats, or portion size goals (or any other goal you want to track.) If you think Wall Street was living off the fat of the land, try figuring out what you’re actually taking in when you wolf down your favorite restaurant menu items. Switch into Lean Mode and take stock of what you’re eating, learn to create a few healthy recipes—and then color it in!

4. Plastic surgeons report even the wealthy elite are cutting back on procedures to make them look more fit, trim and attractive. Pity. Here’s what we know. You may not have as much green as they do, but you can grab that green highlighter and color in the PowerCircles on your Lean Mode Food Diary to show you ate right and exercised today. Fit, firm, and glowing from the inside out is the new chic. It takes more than money to achieve that.

5. It’s a jungle out there—in the job market. Fitness and vitality can help you compete for a job or maybe keep the one you already have. Lean times call for Lean Mode. (Actually, good times do, too. It’s always our job to be healthy and fit. Lean Mode makes it easier and more fun to do.)

6. Exercise and certain foods help fight stress and depression, and are just what people need during a recession. The Lean Mode Food Diary even includes a Healthy Super-Foods Quick Look-Up Chart to make it easier for you to add those foods you’ve always been meaning to add to your diet. Set goals on your Color Code and Goals page, and then reward your good daily choices by coloring them in! Lean Mode can be the bright spot in your day, and nothing relieves stress like feeling you’re taking back control of at least one aspect of your life.

7. If you’re out of money for crazy weight loss pills and diet schemes, scams or potions, Lean Mode can help you get real about what it takes to lose weight and keep it off. Eat less and exercise more. Track it in living color in your Lean Mode Food Diary and stay motivated and in control over the long term. In the largest group of weight loss maintainers that has ever been studied, the National Weight Control Registry, the majority cited keeping a food diary as the one success strategy they had in common. See item 10 below.   

8. Healthy habits are your best hedge against the health care crisis. If America would improve its health habits, we could prevent up to eighty percent of the disease we now pay trillions of dollars to treat. With the Lean Mode Food Diary, you color in your healthy food and exercise choices each day in order to practice them long enough to create healthy habits you hardly have to think about, part of your naturally healthier lifestyle. That can help you take your own personal bite out of the long-term health care crisis, and also lower your risk of getting caught in a medical situation you can’t afford today.

9. America has a big fat problem, and it’s not just the economy. Health-threatening obesity is growing at an alarming rate. The percentage of young people who are overweight has more than tripled since 1980. If you want to continue the American tradition of leaving the next generation better off than your own, get yourself into Lean Mode and start leading by example. 

10. Like Dorothy with her ruby slippers in that famous Depression-era movie, you’ve always had the power to get where you want to go. In this case, the power is to lose twice the weight by simply keeping a food diary. Study after study confirms the effectiveness of recording what you eat every day as part of a weight control program. Lean Mode transforms the humble food diary and makes it easy and fun to stay on the yellow highlighter road to a healthier lifestyle. Like the iconic Oz movie, your Lean Mode Food Diary starts out all black-and-white. You add the glorious color every time you eat right or exercise.  Connect-the-FoodDots and color in your PowerCircles and you’ll be off to see not the Wizard, but twice the weight loss and healthier habits for life!

Bonus Point: The Lean Mode Food Diary, like all of the ColorCode Mode Journals, is versatile enough to allow you to track any of your daily habits you’d like to improve. That can include your budgeting, spending and credit card habits. So if you succeed in having a credit-card-free day, or stay within your daily petty cash allowance, for example—go ahead and color it into your Lean Mode PowerCircles!

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