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Not Your Usual Food Diary — Lean Mode Launches at ColorCodeMode.com


St. Paul, MN, October 27, 2008 – Not content to let the humble but highly-effective food diary remain so ignored and under-utilized by the general public, a mom/daughter fitness publishing team set out to reinvent the daily food journal to be colorful, fun and downright habit-forming. Inspired by the 2008 Kaiser Permanente study showing food diaries can result in twice as many pounds lost, they applied their unique color-coding and goals system and created Lean Mode, Color Code—Not Your Usual Food Diary, launching today in print and eBook versions at ColorCodeMode.com.

Jennifer and Alexis Luhrs, creators of the Streaming Colors™ Fitness Journal healthy habit-forming monthly calendars and weekly planners, adapted their unique color-coding and goals system to a daily format, adding PowerCircles™ and FoodDots™ that Lean Mode Food Diary users color in and connect to show each day’s successes in healthful eating and exercising. Color reminds, rewards and motivates people to repeat healthy behaviors long enough for them to become easy-to-live-with habits, unlike diets people can’t wait to quit.

“So many of us have been looking outside of ourselves to expensive weight loss products or services that don’t work for the long term,” says Jennifer Luhrs, 58. “What’s been missing is the mindset to account to ourselves every day and change our habits from the inside out. Food diaries help do that, and now Lean Mode makes keeping a food diary colorful and fun.”

Since consistency is the key to success, Lean Mode’s design offers people of all fitness levels maximum flexibility in tracking—from simply coloring the PowerCircles bright yellow in celebration of a donut-free day, for instance, to detailing the facts on every morsel eaten each day, and coloring in progressively more challenging goals throughout the half year span of the Lean Mode undated food diary. Continuous weeks of journaling are noted and celebrated.

“Whether it’s losing that last ten pounds, or jumpstarting the first one hundred,” says Alexis Luhrs, 30, “there’s nothing as motivating or rewarding as seeing your food diary come alive with color as you succeed in making better choices. With our new eBook version, people anywhere in the world with an internet connection can get into Lean Mode and color their way to healthier habits for life!”

The Lean Mode, Color Code—Not Your Usual Food Diary is available as an eBook ($14) and in spiral-bound paperback version ($20) at ColorCodeMode.com.  Look for it in paperback through leading bookstores and online booksellers.


Luhrs Media Company is a small, independent publishing firm located near St. Paul, Minnesota. Founded in response to the alarming rise in childhood obesity, it seeks to develop fun, practical tools to help people avoid lifestyle-related diseases.